Think We Have Strict COVID Rules In The Skeena? You Won’t Believe France’s New Lockdown

Citizens need permission forms to leave their homes.

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With more than 800 new COVID new cases across B.C. last weekend, the province is now limiting indoors gatherings to only six people in your bubble, plus household members. Dr. Bonnie Henry also said people should be wearing masks in all indoor public places.

If this sounds strict to you, however, consider what’s happening with France’s new lockdown. 

With France now the epicenter of Europe’s surging COVID outbreak, citizens there now have to endure restrictions that sound unthinkable here for at least the next month.

People are required to stay in their homes most of the time and need official an permission form to leave, which list “the essential reasons people could have for leaving home such as ‘getting some air’, health visits or to buy essential goods such as groceries or to help a vulnerable person,” the Local reports

Anyone found outside without a permission form can be fined the equivalent of around $200. 

You can exercise outdoors there but only within 1km of where you live. It’s not clear whether cycling is permitted. All travel around France will be banned, as are all private meetings and public gatherings. 

Schools are open for now, but every child over the age of six has to wear a mask

We’re not making this stuff up! So yeah, things may sound strict in the Skeena and around the B.C., but we actually have it extremely easy. 

P.S. If you want to keep an eye on the COVID numbers in B.C. and/or the North, Skeena Strong has the latest figures from the BC Centre for Disease Control here.

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