‘Super Exciting’: Take A Look Inside This Unique Gitxaala Carpentry Program

The program has only been around for a year.

Patricia Lewis is a single mom with a big dream. She’s taking an intro to carpentry program hosted by the Gitxaala First Nation and Bird Construction

“It’s super exciting,” Lewis says in a new video showing what the program is like. “It’s exciting to know that doing what I’m doing is leading to something that could build my future.”

This unique program puts a special emphasis on getting First Nations women involved in the carpentry, although men are more than welcome too. 

“I hope some of the women in this class realize that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like that anybody can do this sort of trade,” instructor Kristine Byersi says. “And that they understand that there’s pride that comes with a hard day’s work and pride that comes with seeing what you can accomplish with your own hands.”

The program was started around this time last year. The idea is “to help the Gitxaała Nation develop a local workforce and provide career paths for its community members.” 

Check out the video here

Written by The Skeena

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