Brighten Your Day With This Terrace Animal Shelter Puppy Survival Story

‘This really warms our hearts!’

Source: Terrace Animal Shelter Facebook Page

It’s not always easy working at the Terrace Animal Shelter. “Shelter staff go through more downs than ups with our job,” the organization wrote in a recent Facebook post about the emotional rollercoaster of caring for vulnerable animals. 

But a recent update the shelter received is definitely an “up.” 

Source: Terrace Animal Shelter Facebook Page

“Anyone remember Smiley?” the shelter writes. “This baby fought a 95% mortality disease and survived!! He was one of Bella’s babies that got extremely ill with canine distemper and we thought we lost him!!”

Source: Terrace Animal Shelter Facebook Page

The post goes on, “Thankfully Dr. Farkvam was able to save this baby, and he soon found a wonderful family to adopt him. His name is ‘Chance’ and is thriving! His legs and ears are growing like crazy and he is living his best life!”

Source: Terrace Animal Shelter Facebook Page

“Getting updates like this really warms our hearts,” the shelter writes. “Thank you to all for your continued support, and to all you adoptees, you give us the happily ever after we strive to achieve for every animal that crosses our path.”

Locals are also thrilled about the shelter’s work. “You are all so wonderful,” writes Linda Curphey. “I do not know how you manage to remain strong for all the animals. It must be so sad sometimes when things go sideways with these innocent creatures. I am so grateful for people like you.”

Written by The Skeena

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