Officers Won’t Try To Catch The Bear That Seriously Attacked A Man In Granisle

One local calls it a ‘​​level-headed approach.’

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A 70-year-old man is recovering from serious injuries after a Grizzly Bear attacked him in Granisle. But local officers say there isn’t much they can do about it.

“The Conservation Officer Service investigation has determined that the Grizzly Bear attack in Granisle this morning was a surprise defensive attack,” the organization said in a Facebook post this week. “No efforts to capture the bear will be made.”

The attack happened early in the morning as the man, a photographer, walked along a road going to the Fulton River Spawning Channel. He was “on his way to photograph grizzlies during salmon spawning season,” as CBC reports

“The man suffered serious injuries to his arm and was transported to hospital in Prince George for treatment. Further details regarding his condition are unavailable at this time,” the BCCOS explains. 

Officers did an investigation around the site and spoke the victim as well as a witness. They didn’t explain why they won’t try to catch the bear, but they urged people to take precautions in the area–and any area where bears are known to frequent.

“Remember to be aware of your surroundings, carry bear spray, travel in groups, make noise to avoid surprising a bear, and more,” the BCCOS writes. 

 Some locals are happy with the organization’s approach.

“As a former resident of the area, I offer my heartfelt thanks in this course of action,” James Goudreau wrote on Facebook.

“It seems that too often people hear about a bear attack and immediately call for blood, and the community was worried that this bear, acting defensively after being surprised, would be villainized and euthanized. We are glad and reassured in hearing this level-headed approach and outcome,” he writes. 

Written by The Skeena

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