Think Shovelling Your Driveway Is Hard? Check Out What This Skeena Family Has To Do

‘It’s about 2km to the bottom of our driveway.’

We all know the feeling. There’s a big dump of snow and you know you’re going to have to get out there and shovel it. 

Now imagine instead of a normal-sized driveway yours is several kilometres long. 

The Ravens Reach doesn’t have to imagine it. That’s the name of a Youtube account posting videos about a family of three living off the grid in the Skeena wilderness. 

Luckily they just got a snow plow. “No more almost going in the ditch coming home from work in the early hours of the morning after a snowfall.  We should have a good road this winter which will be great!” explains a new video. “It’s about 2km to the bottom of our driveway.” 

The family lives “off grid and are striving to be as self-sufficient as possible. We grow and preserve a huge amount of vegetables aiming to have enough for year round use, without needing to buy any.” 

“We use no-dig and permaculture methods for all our growing, working with Mother Nature rather than against. We also forage and eat lots of wild greens and mushrooms,” they say. 

You can follow them on Instagram at @theravensreach.

Written by The Skeena

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