Watch This Video Of LNG Canada ‘Changing The Skyline’ Of Kitimat

A crew lifts an 800-tonne absorber column.

Whether you are for or against developing a liquefied natural gas industry in the Skeena, most can agree that building an LNG facility is a serious feat of engineering. 

“Last week we lifted and placed the main absorber column,” explains a video entitled “changing the skyline” from LNG Canada. “At 54m in length and weighing over 800 tonnes, it is the largest piece of equipment at our site. The successful lift was executed using 3 cranes over several hours.”

The new structure is equivalent to a small skyscraper. It was put up “just two weeks after we placed the precoolers and main cryogenic heat exchanger,” LNG Canada explains. 

The video’s title is correct: Kitimat’s skyline is being totally transformed.  

Written by The Skeena

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