From The Archives: Rare 1950s Video Of A Flight From Terrace To Vancouver

‘Flying was still a somewhat new experience.’

Most people these days don’t find getting into an airplane so exciting–especially with COVID. 

But six decades ago it was a genuinely mind blowing experience. A newly unearthed archival video from Reel Life / CanadaMotorSport shows what it was like to fly from Terrace to Vancouver during that period. 

“Flying was still a somewhat new experience for folks in BC in 1957, the airlines were expanding at a remarkable pace,” it explains. “Canadian Pacific Air was now flying their relatively new Convair 240 radial-engine powered passenger planes at an astonishing 280 MPH. Onboard, the 40 passengers enjoyed a comfortable pressurized cabin and cruised at 18,000 feet. The two hour flight to Vancouver was a far cry from a two day train trip by way of Prince George or a long overnight ferry from Prince Rupert pre Second World War.”

The video is triggering old memories from people who’ve lived in the Skeena.

“Housing on the right was referred to as PMQ’s (Permanent Married Quarters) for RCAF Stn. Sea Island,” writes Gord Jenkins. “Rounded top building was – to me – the Recreation Center – I remember playing floor hockey there.”

Follow Reel Life / CanadaMotorSport for more interesting historical videos. 

Written by The Skeena

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