You’ve Got To Watch This Hilarious New Video From The Smithers Public Library

We’d never thought we’d type these words, but the Smithers Public Library has just released one of the funniest videos in the entire Skeena.

The video, which came out on April Fool’s Day, ostensibly announces a major new initiative from the provincial government: all public libraries will “move from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to the Ministry of Silly Walks.”

The inclusion of local politicians heightens the humor. 

As Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen discusses the “bold step forward,” teens and kids walk behind him with limbs flailing. 

“We think the change to silly walks makes sense,” Smithers mayor Gladys Atrill deadpans. “People walk to the library, it’s a place for creative energy.” 

The video is a nod to the classic Monty Python skit “Ministry of Silly Walks.”

“Hoping this reaches Cranbrook because we have many who would join in with the goal of this new ministry,” one person commented on the Smithers video. “I believe we have a number of silly walkers ready to come out!!”

Written by The Skeena

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